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Are you a Sage user who would like to switch to Quickbooks?

Do you need help transferring your Sage files to Quickbooks? Transfering the data and setting up your accounts using the new Quickbooks systems smoothly? We help clients to transition from other software to Quickbooks. It may be that you need help setting up and installing Quickbooks in general? Or you want to close down one system and transfer your opening balances to Quickbooks to start afresh?

Whatever your requirements are – we may be able to help.

Quickbooks Consultancy

One of the major issues people have when transferring from one system onto another is that there are problems. Our consultancy will oversee and implement the transition, as well as be availble for up to 3 months afterwards to deal with any hitches, issues or technicalities that may arise. You could run the two systems alongside each other until you were fully confident that the new system was correct, but we wouldn’t advise this.

Steps to Switching to Quickbooks

  1. Choose a convenient time to start the new system e.g. End of the financial year, month end, Vat quarter end etc.,
  2. Add any accruals, adjustments, prepayments, write-offs etc.,
  3. Make sure everything is on the system, and that the bank is reconciled up to date.
  4. Have a list of debtor and creditor balances. Names and the balances as at that point in time.
  5. Take a trial balance printed report
  6. Upload this data onto Quickbooks
  7. Start using Quickbooks

We can set up and install your Quickbooks system in-house or remotely. We can provide you and /or your staff with training on how to use the system and this will help the transition to Quickbooks run smoothly.

For a quote, please email: with the system you are switching from and your requiremens.




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